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Catholic Christian musicians, liturgists, choir directors and publishers  congregate here to help each other grow in musicianship. We aim to help each other perfect all aspects of song creation, recording, performance and marketing. We strive to discover best methods for delivering quality music to listeners.

Members of this site are also here to enrich your understanding of Catholic music – from traditional forms of chant to liturgical music to contemporary love ballads to hard rock riffs. We will help you rediscover Catholic song classics and discover new works from the hands of Catholic music writers and performers.

Catholic Music Ministries evolved from CAM (Catholic Association of Music).

Top Catholic Songs (TCS): share, learn and promote Catholic music

Another evolution of CAM is a music collaboration and sharing website established in 2007 and still active today. Please visit TopCatholicSongs.com.  Here is some information about the website:

Sign up free as a registered user to post your original songs of faith. Please do not post a cover of a song unless you have permission, or the song is in the public domain. Discover and appreciate Catholic-Christian songs both old and new. Logged-in members can post articles and make comments. Song artists, song producers and catechists are able to share talents, tips, influences, favorite songs and stories related to songs of faith. More information on our FAQ page.

Members of CAM at Little Portion Hermitage c. 2010.

Sing out, earth and skies!
Sing of the God who loves you!
Raise your joyful cries!
Dance to the life around you!*

* From the song “Sing Out, Earth and Skies” by Marty Haugen

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